General Business

What is Spark ERP?

Spark ERP is Enterprise ERP system that contains modules that are essential for an organization such as billing, Accounting, HR and Payroll, Purchasing, Manufacturing, Warehousing, Sales, Customer Service and more. IT supports different business models such as commensal, Industrial, Manufacture and more.

Why should I use Spark ERP? 

Reliance core systems for Billing and ERP depended on an overly complex environment for Customer Sales Representatives (CSRs) when managing their day

Key Features

Given their broad experience with 

The Benefits

  • Reduce CSRs callhandling duration across the board for all call types 
  • Increase efficiency, reduce costs and boost productivity 
  • Enable CSRs to do cross-selling using CMS services eligibility by location 

Technologies and Software

  • Web Application  
  • Mob Application(IOS , Android)