Tiger nursery Management system


Tiger nursery Management system is a powerful management system for nurseries

Tiger Nursery Management system main features:-

  1. It performs the administrative tasks which are needed by the nursery by providing a strong database system.
  2. It provides reports to show number of students currently present in the nursery, as well as the evaluation of the teachers, & arranging the residents of students to facilitate the movement of busses.
  3. It manages the financial payments of children in each class for each semester, arrange classes according to the child language, It provides surveys about the number of children in each class, & the teaching staff in each class for each semester.
  4. Tiger nursery management system provides reports about available students arranged alphabetically both in Arabic & English language as well as the names & pictures of the children according to their classes , it also provides a detailed report for each child & the distribution of children according to their residential areas .
  5. It enables you creating new users for the system, & determining their privilege according to the screens & reports that you give access to them.