i-Intra (Intelligent Intranet )


Intra is an intranet web-based application with mobile support based on the concept of Professional Services Automation (PSA). It can manage employees’ documents through an organized process workflow in addition to managing remote site or branches without a real existence of HR employee locating on site or branch.

This is by automating the internal process of the company, by making every document work in a workflow process, such as a when the employee need a vacation, mission, permission or payback an expense, he can send a request and take the approval of his direct manager through the system, then the HR approval then it go to execution phase, if it is a vacation then it will be deducted automatically from the employee balance and so on.

The following section describes Intranet sub modules functionalities per module.
The intranet system contains two different interfaces:
1. Employee panel
2. Management and HR dashboard

1. Employee panel
This is the panel that the employees can login to it to access their profile and can perform taks according to their permission and access rights

1.1. Dashboard
The employee dashboard contains the following features:

1.1.1. Pending Request Approvals
Such that an employee that has the right to approve requests for other employees can approve a request that come from a workflow process of approvals sequence or reject it stating the reason of rejection.

1.1.2. Announcements
Employee can view company announcements posted by company Admin, announcements can be viewed for a certain period and can be shown to specific groups or selected employees.

1.1.3. Internal Communication / Internal Chatting
Employee can chat together through the system which can reduce communication cost using normal phone lines and provide and fast tunnel to employees to reach each others.

1.1.4. Company news
Company news will be shown in the employee dashboard in order to keep the employee updated with his company news which keep the employee informed with the company updates and board news which increase his potential and loyalty to his company.

1.1.5. My Requests
This area related to the employee submitted requests such as vacation, mission, expense or permission requests which inform him the status of his requests and approvals.

1.1.6. Related field news (Construction /Petroleum..etc)
This section is loaded from other website using the RSS feeds, it can be from related fields websites such as Constructions and Petroleum …etc. It can keep employees updated with the news of their related field.

1.1.7. Local News Feeds
This section is loaded from news websites using the RSS feeds, it shows the news automatically hour by hour from news RSS feeds, which could be interesting for employees and let them have a motivation to always open their account to be updated with news.

1.2. Applications
1.2.1. Company Policies
Enable employees to view company polices.

1.2.2. Company Forms
Enable employees to download company forms.

1.2.3. Contacts Directory
Enable employees to search in employees contact directory, which provide a common directory for employee contacts. It enables to search by employee branch or Job title or department or employee name or part of his name to find his contact information such as business mobile number or landline or extension number or email.

1.2.4. My Appraisals
Employee can fill his appraisal and submit it online, also can view old appraisals but in Read-only mode. The employee after submitting his appraisals to go directly to his direct manager in order to appraise it, The appraiser then start to fill with scores for each questions for the submitted employee and submit when finished to go directly to HR department. HR then start reviewing process and submit for approval if accepting then it will be archived in the system after the HR approval and prevent change on it.

1.2.5. Review Appraisals
This section appears only for Managers that have the right to appraise other employees, In this section appraisers can give scores to employees then submit to HR through the system when finished.

1.3. Employee Agenda
1.3.1. Attendance
In this section, Employee can see his attendance (On Duty/Off Duty) with dates and time.
The attendance is loaded from finger print device loaded through a windows service that checks every defined period to load updates.

1.3.2. Vacations
Employee can check his taken vacations on the system.

1.3.3. Missions
Employee can check his taken missions on the system.

1.3.4. Permissions
Employee can check his taken permissions on the system.

1.3.5. Expenses
Employee can check his taken expenses on the system.

1.3.6. Salary Slip
Employee can view his salary slip for the current month or previous months.

1.4. Media
1.4.1. Photo gallery
Company events photos can be available on the system in order to be shared and be available for employees to see instead of sending mass mails of photos to employees after events.

1.4.2. Video gallery
Company events videos can be available on the system in order to be shared and be available for employees. It is linked with the company private channel on Youtube.

1.4.3. Company News
It acts as the Company news archive. It enables employees to check company old news that were viewed previously on dashboard. Keeping employees updated and informed with their company news increase their potential and loyalty for the company.

1.5. Requests
1.5.1. My Requests
Employees can track his submitted requests or submit new request for (vacation, mission, expense, permission), each type of requests have its workflow for approval sequence and can be defined by the system administrator, when the employee submit a request an email will be send to the first approval person that can approval to inform him about the new request. When the approver login to his account he will find a pending request that he can approve or reject stating the reason of rejection. When the approver person approves it go to the next approval person according to the predefined workflow sequence. And if he is the last Approval then the Request is totally approve and will be taken in action.
ie: if an employee submit a vacation request, then after all approvers approve then it will affect vacation balance and so on.

1.5.2. Pending Requests
Employees that have the right to approve requests can view pending requests for approval. They can approve requests according to the workflow approval sequence. The approver is informed about the pending request by an email is send to him when a new request arrived.

1.5.3. Help desk (IT- Facilities)
Employees can create a helpdesk ticket for either an IT problem (such as an email problem, windows problem …etc) or facilities issue (a desk need fix, telephone is not working …etc) and can set its priority and can put attachments on the ticket.

1.5.4. Requests Instead Of
A manager can set a request for his employees under his management instead of submitting requests by themselves. This facility can serve managers of drivers and messengers which they may not having accounts on the system.

1.6. Reservations
Can view a calendar and over it the reservation requests
1.6.1. Meeting Room
An employee can check the availability of meeting room and reserve it.

1.6.2. Drivers
An employee can submit a request to reserve a driver and specify the reason and location and priority.

1.6.3. Messengers
An employee can submit a request to reserve a messenger to perform a task or make a deliver and specify the reason and location and priority of the task.

1.7. Online Services
1.7.1. Currency Exchange Rates
Can view Currency exchange rates loaded and updated daily automatically.


2. Management and HR dashboard
The management dashboard grant access to managerial and administration team along with their associated role and permission where the following services can be performed.

2.1. HR tasks
Employee management
• Create and modify employee information
• Create and modify employee Information / Salary / category / Job title /Job description
• Create and manage employee vacation balances
• Create and modify employees allocations / Promotions
• Create and manage employee Bonus / Penalties / Deductions
• Create and manage employee evaluations
• Store and manage employee job related documents “CV, Identification documents…etc”
• Store Employee Job history inside the company)

Provide a bunch of reports that the HR needs such as
• Employees information related reports
• Employees vacation balance
• Employees with filters such as certain age
• Employees attendance reports

• Can view separate employee attendance status (read-only) (as loaded from supported fingerprint device database where applicable

• View, issue and manage all employees vacation and leaves requests.

• Generate employee pays slip
• Can define a policy for attendance and make salary deductions based on attendance policy automatically feed from fingerprint device.
• Manage employee expenses requests after direct manager approval
• Dispatch preset duration “Monthly, Weekly…etc” Payroll slips to Employees via emails “Optional Component”
Employees Appraisals / Evaluation
• Manage employee appraisals and evaluations and approve and archive it on the system.

• Provide management with the reports needed to track attendance, vacations, and evaluation results.

Company Forms/Polices
• Can Add/Edit/Delete company policies and forms which employees can use or request.

2.2. Help desk
• Enables the IT responsible to view and reply to IT helpdesk tickets.
• Enables the facility or maintenance responsible to view and reply to facilities helpdesk tickets.

2.3. Reservation approvals
• Can view a calendar and over it the reservation requests
• Can view meeting room reservations.
• Can change priority and assign a messenger and approve a messenger request
• Can change priority and assign a driver and approve a driver request

2.4. Media
• Can add/ modify / delete a photo gallery for a company event
• Can add/ modify / delete a video gallery linked with a private channel of the company on Youtube.
• Can create a company announcement and specify the group of employees that will appear for them or selected employees, also can put a duration that this announcement will appear in.
• Can post / modify / delete a company news that will appear on the employees dashboard

2.5. Documents
• Can add/ modify / delete company Polices
• Can add/ modify / delete company Forms

2.6. Administration Module
This module enables the user to perform the following functions:
• Administrator can define multiple roles and assign roles to users
• Administrator can change system settings from configuration settings

2.7. Master Data Module
The module encompasses a separate module for managing master data such as:
• Departments
• Job Categories
• Jobs
• Evaluation metrics
• …etc

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