i-SMS (Intelligent School Management System)

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i-SMS is a web program special for school management system and works in three languages: English, French and Arabic.


It facilitates the process of monitoring grades and certification.


It contributes in developing the performance of the school administratively.


Beside it supports the reports, which are required for accreditation from the National Authority to ensure the education quality as well as the reports from the Ministry of Education.

i-SMS features:-

  1. Students Information 
    a. Student data
    b. Student Score
    c. Departments
    d. Evaluation points
  2. HR
    a. Job Categories
    b. Jobs
    c. Employee information / hiring Information / Salary / category / Job title /Job description
  3. Accounting
  4. User friendly
    i-SMS has a nice & user friendly interface that guides the user of the system in each step to go in the right direction.
  5. Multi language support
    i-SMS supports multi languages at the same time , as each user of the system can choose the language he prefer to facilitate the use of the portal to him.
  6. Themes
    System can have different styles & designs according to system needs.
  7. Alarms
    System provides illustrative error messages that can guide user of the system to take the right action.
  8. Security
    Each user of the system is authenticated when he login into the system, and a session is created in the system that is kept secured from the web-server, the system handles the sessions of each user , & prevent unauthorized access.
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