i-Clinic (Intelligent Clinic)


i-Clinic (Intelligent Clinic) is a web-based system that can manage patients data and their visits in more than one clinic.


i-Clinic can store a soft copy of patients’ lab and scan results, which enables the doctor to see a full history of the patient in just few seconds.


It also enables printing prescription report for each patient visits.

i-Clinic is a very user-friendly, feature-packed software solution that offers superior performance and reliability. It is specifically designed to handle all of your clinic management needs.

i-Clinic goes above and beyond the average tasks of an ordinary scheduler and billing system.

Designed to help you reduce cancellations, increase referrals and greatly improve productivity, i-Clinics is one of the best and most comprehensive clinic management software on the market.

The system can help you also to manage all your CLINICS at the same time.

Simple, Flexible, Reliable and Powerful… i-Clinics has the important tools to help boost revenues, reduce costs and further streamline business processes!

You will be empowered through intuitive analytical tools, statistics and reports that cover every facet of your practice.


Business Development

i-Clinic incorporates management features helping you develop your business.

In seconds you will be able to extract valuable information that would normally take you many hours or many days to compile.


Looking for a way to go Paperless? Well i-Clinics is doing all that it can to help you achieve that goal! With our Medical Notes module we allow you to customize your own Electronic notes!


In addition to the numerous reporting and analysis features already available and accessible, i-Clinic contains a multitude of summary and detail reports covering every facet of your business.

Patient File Management

Keep all your data in one centralized system. i-Clinic has a place to record everything!

i-Clinic’s intelligent design makes it easy to access detailed client data whenever you need it.

Security & Audit

i-Clinic comes with security and auditing features allowing you to define Users, User Roles and Passwords. Different types of access rights may be given to every User Role for any screen, report or function within i-Clinic.

Auditing provides you with “Date”, “Time”, “Who”, “When”, and “What” information.


Every large and small clinic owner on the planet needs one. Why not take advantage of this new technology in clinic managing to help you successfully run your business giving you an advantage on all the rest!

We personally guarantee that you will not be disappointed.

The i-Clinic product and support team will outdo your expectations.