FOCUS HRM (Human Resources System)


ITSpark’s FOCUS HRM is an HR management solutions that insure the fulfillment business potential and increase the loyalty of the workforce while minimizing the cost and complexity of administering salaries, benefits, recruiting, and performance management

FOCUS HRM Key features

The FOCUS HRM system is empowered with the following key features:

  • Web-based application

With such approach, the application can be published online on the World Wide Web or locally within designated company servers. Users do not require having administration account on their PC to use the application but only use our recommended web browser to access the entire application from their local LAN.

  • Dynamic System

Application administrators could easily Add, Edit or Delete any item information as an advantage of adapting such dynamic system.

  • Employee Organizational Hierarchy

System provides roles for employees to clarify employees and manager’s relationships.

  • Business Validation

System validates on each field to meet the business requirements.

  • Data Security

System can be used over Internet due to the multi-level of security used to protect data exchange through the system.

  • User Authority

Provide unique user name and password for each employee, and can configure access rights per each single user.

  • User Action Logs

The system logs the actions made on each record in the system providing its Date and time and the