FFS (Freight Forwarder Solution)


Fully Integrated system for Freight Forwarding Companies

FFS (Freight forwarding system) is an advanced web-based application that automates freight forwarding companies’ business.

It can be hosted on company’s server or on the cloud.

The system serves different departments such as sales, operation, customer service (billing) and accounting (general ledger).

It helps management to efficiently control business from anywhere and is designed for a multiple users with multilingual features and multi-theme switcher on a network environment so you don’t need VPN connection or remote desktop to access your account.

FFS allows users also to access their accounts from any company branch.

It comes with useful tools and services to implement a complete freight forwarding workflow solution.

How can FFS help Freight Forwarders?

  1.  Can get more shipments by providing fast and efficient service to your customers in order to compete in competitive market
  2. Happier Customers by providing fast and efficient service and being able to track their cargo status and location online through your company website.
  3. Provide 40% improvement in Human resources utilization, by minimizing communication time between them.
  4. Make your business grow, by being able to manage more than one branch through a one web interface on the cloud (web) with automated process.
  5. Switch operation and finance jobs to be systematic by providing a business process with rules through an automated system
  6. Capable of providing customer with prices immediately from the system and being able to find best price that suit your customer. Which helps you gain more opportunities
  7. Flexible system that allows you easy configure and change system rules by yourself.
  8. Better management and control over your business by providing KPI reports.
  9. Can track your work from anywhere any time from any device (PC, Laptop Tablet. Mobile,..etc)
  10. Prevent losses by auto system blocking on overdue customers when try to make new bookings.
  11. Support for different booking types like Marine , trucking, custom clearance and air
  12. Automatic generation of House B/L (House bill)
  13. Automatic generation of invoices and claims to customers
  14. One integrated system that can manage your bookings and accounting in the same time.


Why FFS?

Business automation becomes a necessity for today’s organizations to control their business process in order to compete in market and provide better quality to their customers.

Being an automated company helps decision makers to take the right decision in the right time. It helps in creating more revenues by providing fast service to the organization customers. It enables selection for suitable strategies and plans for the organization by providing KPI reports and keeping operational work systematic and not taking much time from decision makers thinking.

FFS enables the freight forwarder companies to automate their business in a professional way. It provides information sharing and connects cross-location for working staff, which leads to boosting productivity, collaboration, and better profitability to the company.


Competitive Advantages:

1.     Helps in creating more revenue streams

  • Helps in creating more revenues by providing fast and accurate service to the company’s customers.
  • Block booking invoices for over-credit limit clients to minimize loss.
  • Minimize communication time taken between employees, as according to international statistics employees communication took 40% of their total working hours. This can provide better utilization for the company employees’ time.
  • Minimize human mistakes that can be probable happened with manual work.

2.     Leave a professional impact at your customers

  • Provide fast, accurate and professional service to your customers.
  • Allow your company clients to track their shipment online through your website using Booking number, house B/L or master B/L.

3.     Provide better management and strategic planning

  • Provided with clients over dues reports that can monitor clients over dues with their detailed statements that can be accessed by management from anywhere any time.
  • Provided with sales forecasting in order to plan for future plans and targets
  • Enables selection for suitable strategies and plans for the company by providing KPI reports and keeping operational work systematic and not investing much time from decision makers thinking.

4.     Can be access from anywhere any time

  • Being web-based system can support unlimited number of users in different company departments.
  • Can be hosted inside company (intranet) or published on the web (internet)
  • Have no minimum system requirements for users other than a browser.
  • Can be accessed through Mobile and Tablet.
  • Capable of supporting multiple branches working on a centralized database at the same time with shared information.
  • Users of the system can login using their user and password from any location

5.     Integrated and complete solution

  • FFS is an integrated system that serve company different departments such as Sales, Operation, Customer service, Accounting and Administrative and Management modules.
  • It contains operation and accounting modules which most of the systems cover operation or accounting business only. This makes the company not needed to buy more that one system and make integration between them.
  • Capable of supporting shared invoice serials through separate company branches.
  • Can add more integral modules and features to the system when needed.

6.     Easy use

  • Has easy interface with Bi-lingual language (English-Arabic).
  • Provided with business validation and errors checking to minimize data entry mistakes while operation
  • Capable of saving any report in different formats like PDF, Word, Excel.
  • Provided with intelligent interface to minimize data entry time during operation.

7.     Enhanced business functionalities

  • Can store any scanned documents and files related to clients booking on the system like national ID, delegations, master B/L…etc
  • Can handle different booking types like marine, air, trucking, custom clearance…etc

Main FFS system features :

1-   System helped to replace the paper-based system and link between all departments in company

2-   User can access system from any place because it web based system

3-   Facility to manage all role for all  employee according their permission in company

4-   Helping CEO of company to Profit Margin Tracking, overdue payment tracking and booking tracking

5-   Helping customers to track their booking developments by using Shipment Tracking service

6-   System help to Collect all available data about client in one place that that facilitate follow-up  developments the client

7-   Collect all prices for all service to help all employee in sales department

8-   System help to tracking Quotes that offer each client from beginning introduce Quotes till actually execute

9-   Ability to block booking to client after exceed specific credit limit

10-  Ability  to export all need report In PDF or Excel or excel form inserted data instead rewrite it for each Client

11-  Account Department

    • Ability to  inclusion of all account in system and export chart of account
    • Auto Fiscal Year closure instead of recalculate all Financial transactions occurred in fiscal year
    • Ability to close daily journal for invoices or Receivable or Payable instead of inserted that reduce number of accountants needed for this operation
    • Ability to export American journal report , Sub ledger , Adjust Trail Balance , Income Statement  and Balance Sheet according to search criteria instead of write new one for specific using
    • Ability to  insert difference exchange rates and system auto calculate credit amount and debit amount for this rate in multi currencies module
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