Learn from Home

e-Learn is a modern learning system with enables students to be learned from home, e-Learn is bundled with key enterprise functionality ranging from skill-gap analysis with different schools to get the best system that can meet school management needs and provide students and parents with the latest technology and bunch of utilities and features to enjoy learning from Home.

The following are the modules of e-Learn system:

Branch management: Use branches to reflect your organizational hierarchy within e-Learn. Skills management: Create, assign and use skills to identify who knows what

Jobs management: 
Create Job descriptions, map them to Branches and assign them to employees
Detailed employee info: Store, Search and Analyze extended info about your employees
Skills-Lessons correlation: Assign skills to employees as they successfully complete assigned lessons or courses Jobs – Lessons correlation: Assign lessons to employees based on their working position
Reports generator: The enterprise version of e-Learn includes a highly flexible reports generator. You can create your own reports with easeor more branches Employees log: Supervisors can evaluate employees and together with the system log create a detailed employee log
Employee placements: Assign one or several job placements to each employee within one Training record: e-Learn Enterprise can create a coherent report for the skills and educational status of all employees
File sharing: Efficiently share files between employees and supervisors of each Branch Organization structure: View and interact with the entire organization using the organizational chart
Enterprise-wide communication: Internal messaging based on your organizations structure Search for the perfect candidate: Search and locate the perfect candidate for any given task based on several criteria
Notifications: Create custom communication emails that are triggered on a wide range of events and send personalized emails Archive: Move old users and lessons to the Archive without the need to delete them. You can restore a user or lesson at any point back to the main system.
Advanced lesson options: Share folders, clone, copy-properties or restrict participation are a few of the advanced lesson options Advanced Reports: In addition to previous report types you can now find time-constraint reports, events reports, branch reports, participation reports, certificate reports
Advanced security and access control: Features like LDAP support or IP restriction help building a secure and open systemPaymentsCollect payments with support for recurring payments, discounts and user balances Skill gap tests: Identify the skills that your students lack and personalize their training pathsSocial extensionsA rich set of social tools that facilitates the communication and social learning process (including Facebook integration)
Surveys: Create, share and analyze responses from people inside or outside your organization Certifications: Build and issue your own certifications
Extend user profiles: Collect and analyze more data for your users User Management: Full support for managing users. Custom user roles can be created depending on your needs
Lessons, courses and categories: Organize lessons by topic into categories. Bundle several lessons inside a course Progress tracking: Several visual indications guide the user through the lesson and his current progress
Communication: Out-of-the-box e-Learn includes a plethora of communication tools Content editors: e-Learn includes a powerful and flexible visual content editor with internal support for a plethora of media
Glossary: Glossary descriptions can be merged to the real content File manager & digital library: Upload, organize, use and share files with any other system user
Reports: e-Learn offers a plethora of ready built reports, but in the event that you do not find the report you want, you can create custom reports to suit your needs. Test builders: Create tests by assembling questions from a question pool. Several types of questions can be created, used and re-used across multiple tests
Customization & usability: Drag and drop components, select a new theme or the active components for your lesson. e-Learn is an elegant and flexible solution that does not look outdated Search: Search for anything and anyone, anywhere inside the system
Projects: Assign projects with deadlines to end-users and track their progress Multilingual: Unicode support and a full language administration module. Adding a new language is easy!
Access Rules: Restrict or guide the users through the content Administration: The administrator is still a human. e-Learn puts the same special care on his interface as well