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ITSpark is a leading professional software services provider. Offering fast, professional, customizable services and software consultancy to meet today’s growing business needs for all clients. We comprehend today fast paced business environment and challenging demands and that is why we evolve our self’s to insure meeting and exceeding all requirements and needs of existing and new clients  with nothing but excellence. We offer multiple solutions to help our clients improve their business further to compete in today’s market and deliver the required edge.

Finally, according to our customers business needs, we draw the most comprehensive tool to fit their goals. We offer a wide variety of effective services and products that can enhance our customers’ business process and overall business management experience.

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ITSpark analyzes your business processes and their dependencies to reduce cost and complexity. We report process information and evaluate process KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) to drive process optimization. Finally we simulate processes to identify bottlenecks, gaps and process improvement areas.



Our Company designs internal business processes while taking customer emotions and expectations into account. Then we align corporate strategy with operational business processes and IT architecture by combining ITSpark Business Process Analysis and Alfabet capabilities.


Software Development

For business analysts and managers, ITSpark makes it easy to model and evaluate processes, and to monitor the success of processes that have been put into action. Once processes have gone live, ITSpark supports continuous business process optimization by making it easy to monitor process performance and identify areas where further improvements can be achieved.


Quality control and Testing

Quality assurance is an important part of every business activity in ITSpark. The main goal of our QA team is to provide our customers with the products of high quality, satisfying all specified requirements, within stipulated time limits and budget.



Companies of all sizes spend a significant amount of their IT budgets on software. New desktop operating systems can enhance security and run more sophisticated applications. But you won’t see the bottom line benefits of these upgrades unless the end-users of the software can successfully make the transition. That’s why it’s important for ITSpark to plan an end-user training strategy before you roll out new software, and make sure the plan is scalable so it can grow with your company.



ITSpark’s Customer Support team strives to provide flexible access to the expert support you need to successfully resolve any challenge or technical issue. Whether it’s fast access to our knowledge base of solutions and technical documentation or direct collaboration between your team and ITSpark’s technical experts, ITSpark is committed to providing efficient technical support that fits your needs.

Our Team


Fady Angelo

General Manager
Office : +2 03 582 9791
Mobile : +2 0128 219 0003

+2 01282338825

 Email : fady.angelo@itspark-eg.com

Ossama Wagdy

Business Account Manager
Office : +2 03 582 9791

 Email : ossama.wagdy@itspark-eg.com

Radwa Mosaad

Software Engineer

Mary Adel

Quality Engineer

Toqa Ahmed

Software Engineer

Raphael Essam

Digital Marketing Specialist

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Why ITSpark?

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Our convention: The innovation is the key to business excellence. We are highly regarded as a creative problem-solver with the ability to think outside the box.
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We pride ourselves in providing quality software solutions which solve the problems of our customers, supported by outstanding customer service.
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Quality is at the center of our work. We set the highest quality standards for ourselves and continuously measure how we stack up against these goals.
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In an increasingly dynamic and demanding environment, being able to shorten production delays and adapt to best meet the needs of the consumer is essential.
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We take our work very seriously. We care for and greatly respect every individual on the team, whether on an internal project or as part of a larger customer project.



Today’s higher education landscape is more diverse than ever before. Modern students come with high expectations for personalized attention, 24/7 access, and the social connection that drives our world. ITSpark eLearning solution empowers instructors to create dynamic learning environments that engross and delight all your students.

ITSpark eLearning is a powerful yet easy to use learning management system that seamlessly integrates with your other key technologies, for up-to-the-minute information.



General Business

Many pre-configured solutions are available, based on the ITSpark’s technology. These are ‘best practice’ implementations for issue tracking systems in every industry — manufacturing, the life sciences, software development, technology and other industries. ITSpark has the unique ability to support many tracking applications in a single environment — each with unique workflow, processes, layouts, security and business rules, so you can track any type of issues.

Beyond solutions designed for specific industries, there are many generalized solutions; it is very easy to build your own solutions with ITSpark.

Health Care

Since 2012, ITSpark has been delivering software for health systems, outpatient clinics, physicians and other healthcare organizations. Our technical solutions help providers ensure secure, reliable and informative patient-caregiver interaction.




With several years in IT-field, ITSpark has proved to be a reliable partner for oil and gas enterprises. Our solutions help to automate workflows in the well development and well monitoring process, enable cross-departmental interaction for distant offices, ensure information security, and enhance analytical and reporting facilities.

Shipping / Logistics

ITSpark solutions solve the complex shipping challenges of businesses across a wide range of industries. With a our solutions, you will be  able to add value to your business by simplifying shipping practices as well as reducing your overall cost.

No matter what you are sending or where to, we offer the optimal international shipping solution to meet your business needs.